GuysGetFucked: Michael had one class left at college before he graduated so being the pervert that he was, he decided to sign up to Women's Sexual Study. He thought it would be an easy way to see some naked college girls. The teacher told Michael that in order to pass class everyone had to take an insertion! Michael was forced to strip off his clothing and to his embarrasment was bent over the teacher's desk and given an anal insertion in front of the entire class!


GuysGetFucked: Jack came home from a night partying at a strip club with his friends. His girlfriend overheard him talking on the phone about how he touched a girl's breast and wished he could have fucked her. His girlfriend was extremely pissed off and pulled out a strap on. She told him he was about to pay for being so disrespectful. She made Jack suck on a strap on, then get fucked extremely hard in his ass!


GuysGetFucked: Henry visited the local "Happy Ending" Massage Parlor for a massage. He was very happy to see his big breasted masseuse who was known for being a little erotic! She started his back massage and moved right to his ass. He did not expect what happened next! She pulled out a pink vibrator and slowly inserted it deep into his ass! He was very uncomfortable, but too way too shy to tell her to stop! After a few minutes of torture, she removed the vibrator and finished him off with a BJ & handjob


GuysGetFucked: Jeremy hired a fellow college student to help with tutoring History. She gave him some assigments to work on before his next lesson. When he returned the following week, he was not prepared and the tutor was extremely pissed off. She pulled out a paddle and told him to "assume the position; if you do not know the answers you are going to pay!" She quizzed him on the work, and he was clueless. She then punished him with an extremely hard spanking and paddling!


GuysGetFucked: Tom wanted to try out for the soccer team at college and had to undergo a complete medical exam. The doctor was a very rough, and forceful. She made him strip off his entire clothing and stand there while she examined his entire nude body. After giving him an entire checkup, she decided to surprise him and tell him he needed to get a rectal exam. She put on gloves, lubed up her fingers and painfully inserted them deep into Tom's ass! After a few minutes she removed her fingers and checked his temperature with a rectal thermometer!


GuysGetFucked: Eric is the boss at his office, and loves to put his hands all over his employees. His secretary wore a tight shirt, and he blatantly felt her breasts without her permission. She called the other secretary and concocted a plan of revenge. They called Eric into the office and told him they were pissed off, and if he didn't follow their orders they would sue him for sexual harassment. He couldn't afford to lose his job so he reluctantly agreed to their orders. He was forced to such a purple strap on dildo, then bent over and humiliated by being fucked in the ass!






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